TA-450 Wide Area 4G Handheld Radio+GPS+Drop in Charger No Screen – 4000mAh

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TA-450 Handheld

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The Intelligent TA-450 is a durable radio, capable of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G/4GX, cellular connectivity. The broad connection capability means that TA-450 will deliver reliable communications in all underground environments including tunnels, building basements and car parks throughout Australia.

The TA-450 can change groups quickly via a Group Select knob, and initiate a private call via a dedicated Private Call button. If the called party is not available, the TA-450 will produce an audible “called” alert tone for up to 30 minutes. The screenless design makes room for a powerful, 2- Watt front facing speaker, to deliver loud, clear digital audio for voice, audible alert and user functions like power on, private call and ToooAir messaging.