Oil and Gas Radios

The oil and gas industry requires durable, reliable, clear and instant communication to ensure workplace safety and productivity. The dangerous working environments within the oil and gas industry can impact safe communication. Therefore, the communication provided must meet the international and Australian safety standards for use in these hazardous workplace environments.

Oil and Gas Application

At Two Way Hire and Sales, we understand that safe, high-quality, and heavy-duty communication products are essential for oil and gas work. We stock a variety of different radios and accessories that meet the demands and safety standards of the oil and gas environments. Our store consists of various intrinsically safe radios, headsets and PTT adaptors —all popular radios and accessories used in the oil and gas industry.

Suggested Oil and Gas Radios

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Oil and Gas

Two Way Hire and Sales have the communication products, knowledge, and experience to ensure that we can provide the oil and gas industry with the most suitable communication for the job. When you choose TWHS we will provide:

  • All equipment meets the safety requirements specified by your client.
  • Certificates and authentication on safety ratings can be provided by request.
  • 24-hour support, 7 days

Give us a call to discuss your communication requirements further and let Two Way Hire and Sales help improve the productivity and safety of your workplace.