Air and Marine Radios

The air and marine industry require durable, reliable, clear and instant communication to ensure workplace safety and productivity. The noisy and high-risk working environments within the air and marine industry can impact safe communication. Therefore, the communication provided must withstand the demands of these workplace environments.

Air and Marine Application

At Two Way Hire and Sales, we understand that high-quality, heavy-duty communication products are essential for air and marine work. We stock a variety of different radios and accessories that meet the demands of the air and marine environments. Our store consists of various submersible and waterproof VHF radios, IP67 remote speaker microphones and waterproof protective covers—all popular radios and accessories used in the air and marine industry.

Suggested Air and Marine Radios

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Air and Marine Services

Two Way Hire and Sales have the communication products, knowledge, and experience to ensure that we can provide the air or marine industry with the most suitable communication for the job. When you choose TWHS we will provide:

  • Submersible and Waterproof two way radios and accessories.
  • Long lasting equipment which can stand the harsh environmental impacts
  • Heavy-duty headsets for loud noise environments
  • Knowledge of the industry standard policies and procedures.

Give us a call to discuss your communication requirements further and let Two Way Hire and Sales help improve the productivity and safety of your workplace.