School and University Radios

Two-way radio communication is an essential tool for schools and universities to communicate with staff and students effectively. Whether that is to direct traffic, connect staff, respond to potential safety and emergencies in the classroom or playground, co-ordinate maintenance, or communication for school excursions and sports carnivals. The security of staff and students is paramount. Therefore, two-way radio communication is essential to provide instant, reliable, and private communication to help schools and universities meet safety requirements.

School and University Application

At Two Way Hire and Sales, we understand that high-quality and durable communication products are essential for schools and universities. We stock a variety of different radios and accessories that meet the demands of school and university environments. Our store consists of various UHF two way radios, ear hook earpieces, remote speaker microphone and fixed base units—all popular radios and accessories used in the education industry.

Suggested School And University Radios

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Schools and Universities

Two Way Hire and Sales have the communication products, knowledge, and experience to ensure that we can provide the education industry with the most suitable communication products for the job. When you choose TWHS we will provide:

  • A range of different equipment to choose from to ensure instant, clear, easy to use, and affordable communication that will suit your requirements and working environment.
  • Private frequencies/channels to ensure confidential communication between staff.
  • Site tests for repeater installation
  • Demonstration on functions and settings of two way radios.

Give us a call to discuss your communication requirements further and let Two Way Hire and Sales help improve the efficiency and safety of your workplace.