Motorola VT100 Body-Worn Camera

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Motorola VT100 Body-Worn Camera . Wifi streaming, Small and discreet, 16GB of storage, Up to 4hr recording time at 720p HD or 2hr of live streaming, Compatible with any ONVIF compliant VMS when paired with ONStream.

The VT100 delivers a customisable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution. 720p HD video. Remote alarm activation. Customer-friendly design. Seamless integration with existing CCTV.

What’s inside
Lightweight for maximum comfort

Long battery standby

Wi-FiĀ® streaming capabilities

Customisable front tag

Push-to-stream alerting
Control room teams need visibility of situations on the ground to respond effectively. Push-to-stream alerting on the VT100 delivers a live video feed to the control room when the wearer presses the record button.

Requires minimal interaction
Simple operation and long battery standby ensure the VT100 integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. Video is secured on the VT100, to protect the integrity of your footage and support data protection compliance.

Complements existing CCTV
The VT100 integrates seamlessly with existing CCTV infrastructure. Wi-Fi streaming combines live body-worn video with fixed security camera footage. Delivering improved visibility to centralised control teams improves situational awareness for a smarter response.

Customer-friendly appearance
The lightweight VT100 is designed for customer-facing teams. Customise the front tag with your logo and brand colours to make the VT100 an integral part of your staff uniform.