BX001 Anti Stab Vest- Over the top

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BX001 Stab Proof Vest

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BX001 Anti Stab Vest- Over the top

The BX001 Anti Stab Vest- Over the top, designed to be worn over clothing, provides comprehensive front and back stab-proof protection with an NIJ Level II rating. Ideal for security guards seeking safety on the job, this vest ensures enhanced defence against threats.

– Full Coverage Protection. Front and back stab-proof panels for maximum safety.
– High-Level Protection: NIJ Level II rating for reliable defence.
– Lightweight Design: Ensures ease of movement and comfort during extended wear.
– Versatile Sizing: Available in sizes ranging from XS to 5XL.
– Easy to Wear: Designed to be worn comfortably over clothing.

Ideal for security guards wanting to protect themselves while on the job.