Industry Solutions

Security guards and officers require instant communication when working on the job. Two-way radios are essential for security guards responding to incidents, accidents and disturbances.

TWHS has a variety of different radios to meet the security industry needs. Surveillance earpieces, lapel microphones and cradle headset are favourite accessories for security guards across Australia.

TWHS services many different companies within the emergency and safety industries. The equipment required usually is heavy duty commercial grade two-way radio solutions. Two-way radios are a critical tool for volunteer firefighters and emergency services.

The ability to provide quick and reliable alerts that an emergency has occurred is essential, and reliable communication at the scene can mean life or death.Communications are often needed over large areas; therefore, a powerful radio that can integrate with a repeater system is usually required. 

Durability is essential, and a waterproof radio is recommended within the industry. The two-way radios can be programmed with emergency buttons, man down functions and GPS to maximise safety in dangerous areas. The customer has the option of Intrinsic safe two-way radios, a design technique applied to electrical equipment and wiring for hazardous locations.

TWHS recommends a minimum of 4-watt two-way radio with repeater capability. It’s critical that you research ahead of time and know what type of system you will need to connect with. There are several variables, such as UHF/VHF or a digital requirement.

Two Way communication is essential for rural and farming areas. Two-way radios have become high in demand, with mobile phone reception not always available for communication.

We know that when working on a large property, you need to communicate across vast distances, instantly, from devices that can stand up to the task, that can recover from being dropped in the mud and with battery life that will last the full work-shift.

We offer a full range of products to support vehicles and portable hand-held radios.

TWHS can provide two-way communication solutions for the most straightforward or most complex communication requirements that can be implemented over a large area, enabling reliable and secure instant communication.

We service all levels of Local, State, and Federal government departments and agencies. Local government departments often need ACMA private frequencies to provide secure interference free communication within your staff.

Two-way radios are essential to the hospitality industry to allow them to communicate between reception, concierge services, bar staff, security, parking and management.

Two-way radios are an essential tool to improve retail efficiencies in shopping centres. Push to talk communications between management and employees or security staff allows for quicker response times and improved profitability.

Two-way radio allows for private conversation and activities including price checks, clean-ups or stock issues. Security staff equipped with radios enable them to respond more quickly to accidents, disturbance, or theft. Retail operations need a reliable, easy to use, comfortable to wear, discrete two-way radio/walkie-talkie communication solution that can be operated by all staff with little or no training.

The size of retail establishments varies from relatively small shops to huge discount stores. Because of this, there is no perfect radio for all scenarios. Small to medium-sized stores use small, lightweight radio, while larger stores will need a more powerful two-watt business radio.

Single channel radios are adequate for many situations, but multi-channel models may be helpful if you have several groups that need to have separate communications.

Two-way radios are an essential tool for schools with users directing traffic, connecting administrators and staff, maintenance, safety and emergency situations in the classroom and playground. In recent years, radios are becoming even more critical as part of emergency response plans and as a tool to respond to safety concerns.

Many schools are even assigning a radio to each classroom as a method for staff to communicate in the event of a safety or emergency event. Teaching staff also use the radios to communicate when on school excursions, out on the schoolyard or school camps? Two-way radio systems are so easy to use and require little or no staff training.

The radios are now used at sports carnivals and cross-country events.A small, low powered radio may be sufficient for short range applications, such as directing traffic, but for communications within a school building larger powered watt radio is recommended. Most schools use thick concrete for walls, which is difficult for the signals of weaker radios to penetrate.

TWHS highly recommends that schools should have an emergency communication system in place to support teachers and students’ safety. At TWHS we can provide you with a commercial grade, two-way radio / walkie-talkie system that can quickly be installed into your school, enabling reliable, instant team communication.

TWHS is the number one supplier of two-way radios for traffic management companies in Perth. We understand the requirements of the radios need to be durable and cost-effective while still providing the worker with a high-quality product.

The radios need to provide interference-free communication for users while working in high-risk traffic management environment. A heavy-duty commercial grade two-way radio with an extended battery operation time is recommended for this industry.

Warehouse buildings can often be challenging to communicate within due to the size and the materials of the structure. Two-way radios provide instant communication through a push to talk and are the most efficient and effective option for communicating in large buildings.

They not only save time and create more productivity, but they also improve workplace safety. In warehouses, where employees are mobile and commonly carry materials and work around machinery, radio durability is critical.

Lightweight radios are not good at handling abuse, so we recommend models that are robust, durable two-way radios and are resistant to water and dust. Two-way radios will provide sufficient range for most applications, but for larger buildings we recommend 4 or 5-watt radios with repeater capability.

Digital or UHF two-way radios offer much flexibility, operating well both outdoors and in and around structures.

As nursing homes struggle to find ways to improve efficiency, many are finding two-way radios to be the ideal solution. Radios keep everyone on staff connected – from physicians and nurses to administrators, assistants, and maintenance personnel. Having instant communications between staff members means more productivity.

Two-way radios also allow staff to respond quickly to injuries and accidents, creating a safer environment.Nursing homes are generally relatively small, so two-way radio range is not a big concern – practically any radio would provide adequate coverage for even the most significant practices. Because of this, facilities typically choose small, lightweight radios or 2-watt radios are usually sufficient.

Single Covert or ear hook earpieces can provide quiet and private communication for the user and the facility.