ToooAir Radios | Push To Talk Radio Communication Over Cellular

Does Your Two-Way Radio Drop Out, Have Interference Or Are You Using Expensive Repeaters To Optimise Your Communication? Or Do You Require Wide Area Communication And GPS Tracking For Your Vehicle And Staff?

TWHS is pleased to present ToooAir radios!

TooAir radios operate on the Telstra 3G Cellular Platform and work as Push To Talk Over Cellular. When connected to the Telstra network, wide area communication is available at the push of a button. The long-range walkie talkies deliver communication throughout Australia. Operating on the Telstra 3G network communicating with your staff from Perth to Mandurah, Mandurah to Sydney is now available at the push of the button.

Using the Telstra network, ToooAir provides:

  • Nation-wide push-to-talk communications;
  • GPS tracking; Track your staff and vehicles every movement.
  • Dispatch software;
  • Instant voice and Text messages;
  • Coverage within structures.

Unlike traditional LMR/PMR radio networks, ToooAir’s product provides Australia-wide communication through a simple one-to-one or one-to-many two-way radio style system, but utilising the cellular mobile phone network. Due to this use of cellular multi-site technology, operational teams across Australia can communicate at the touch of a button, also providing superior in-building, tunnel and basement coverage.

The service starts from $29.99 per month, plus the purchase of the radio’s. There are no lock in contracts…

The ToooAir product range includes:

  • TA-300 in vehicle/base station
  • TA-308 Portable Handheld
  • TA-388 Portable Handheld


Transportation – Courier * Taxi * Limo Service * Tow truck * Railway * Airport * Seaport * Light rail * MRT * Logistics
Construction – Site * Cement delivery * Electrical * Excavating * Plumbing * Roofing
Security And Services – Hotel * Condo * Offices * Factory * Sports events * Education * Fire Service
Hospitality – Restaurant * Hotel * Resort * Shopping mall * Supermarket
Manufacturing – Factory * Warehousing * Light industry
Agriculture – Rural Community * Farmers

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